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Tânia Ferraz Lita


"Here are some photos of the exterior and interior of mine, installed on 07/15."

Pedro Castro


"Thanks for the professionalism. I recommend it 100%."

Joaquim Crespo


"The house is super cozy."

Helena Cruz

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"Very happy with mine."

José Gonçalves

"I have a wooden house. It's amazing. Thank you, CASA Diff."

Maria Emília Rebelo

"I bought one. I'm really happy. It's magnificent."

Bruno Borges

"Top team in everything."

José Luís Fernandes Ferreira

"CASA DiFF’s houses are amazing. I have one that I acquired recently; it was installed in a plot of land in Trás-os-Montes with difficult access. But everything went well. I am very satisfied with both the Management and the staff, who are professionals. I highly recommend them."

José Dias

"I have one, although it’s a different model, but it was bought from this company. I recommend them."

Sara Santos

"I must congratulate CASA DiFF’s team in Faro, namely Gilda, for her professionalism and dedication. It’s with great satisfaction, that we received our house today with everything that was contracted, including the delivery date. The assembly team also provided an exceptionally efficient and quick service. Thank you for your service. I highly recommend them.

Silvina Reis

"I have one and I’m satisfied."

Luisa Inácio

"Looks great!!! A spectacular team. Starting with the sale, going through transport, and ending with assembly. Congratulations to all."

Celeste Letra

"I'm very happy with mine. My house is beautiful."

António Alvaro Maia Medeiros

"I have T3, T2 and T1. I'm satisfied and love them."

Guilhermina Carvalho

"I have a previous model and they are very comfortable.."

Helena Cruz

"Very happy with mine."

Luis Almeida


Maria M.

"Recomendo tudo está espetacular, é uma casa de sonho!"

David M.

"Very interesting, I'm simply in love!!! I love it and recommend it."

Fernando Oliveira

"At the moment, they are the company with the best quality in the construction of wooden houses in Portugal… contrary to what is usually said, due to the cement and concrete industry, wooden houses are safe, warm, without humidity and cracks, and comply with all the requirements laid down in the legislation…. It’s worth it."

Júlio Ramos

"I have a few wooden houses. But CASA DiFF are the best. They met all deadlines. They arrived at 6 am and by noon it was ready. Thank you for your professionalism."

Mónica Barros

"Yesterday, they made our day a very special day. Delivered before the scheduled date, with the best professionals and with all the dedication and sympathy…. We received our house. Thank you, because in fact I only have good things to say about the whole team."

José A.

"Simply because I love wooden houses...and I still dream of one day living in one!!!"

Vitor R.

"I have a 65m2 bungalow, everything went spectacularly and I'm loving it."

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