Evolutionary Construction System

At Casa DIFF we always think and develop solutions for a fast, quality construction at the best price. There is no point on having cheap construction without quality, since in a small amount of time problems appear. At the same time, buying a large house is expensive and its maintenance costs a lot of money. Therefore, the solution is to buy a construction of quality and adapted to your needs at every moment. It was in this sense that in CASA DiFF we developed an evolutionary construction system, which allows customers to start with a smaller model, for example a ground floor T1, and with the passage of time and with the growing family, acquire more Modules, being able to reach a T4 with two floors.

Durability and Maintenance

A wooden house can last as long or longer than a masonry home. To do this, it is enough to maintain the exterior woods every 3/5 years with a product for exterior finishing. The product gives the wood a beautiful appearance, enhances the particular characteristics of the wood accentuating its texture and keeping the shaft visible, contains water repellent and fungicide agents that ensure the protection of the wood, its great elasticity allows an adaptation to the movements of the wood so it does not fissure or form bubbles. It guarantees maximum protection from solar radiation being its coloration of great durability. It is very easy to apply, and low cost.

At the same time, we also have materials (alternative to wood) for exterior finishing, which do not require any maintenance. Consult us, and get to know more about these and other finishings.


The wood used is the Nordic pine, since it is a noble wood, of high mechanical resistance, which presents good natural conditions of thermal insulation and acoustic absorption. At the same time, it guarantees a final product with the finest finish and possibility of several colors.

When opting for a wooden house, you are choosing a green and healthy home.The wood used in our constructions comes from sustainable forests, in order to protect the forests and the environment.

Our construction system also allows the use of alternative materials to wood in both interior and exterior finishing.


Modules pre-assembled in the factory, transported and placed on site with truck crane, very fast assembly.

Pre-assembled panels in the factory, kit mounted on site.


The walls are double composed of exterior wood, air-box, thermal / acoustic insulation, air box again and interior finish. Both the thickness of the walls and the level of insulation depend on the design, location and purpose of the construction.Electrical piping built into the walls.Excellent thermal, acoustic and structural behavior, as well as a great robustness resulting from the construction system.The construction process is based on the "male-female" fitting for the construction of double walls. In this procedure we have a perfect fit between the pieces which allows the complete sealing of the walls providing greater comfort and safety.